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Our Offering

Emerging businesses, startups and value creation are the goals of UST Innovation Israel. We offer growth partnerships focused on startups in the Israeli ecosystem with technologies that are ready to scale and boost.

What We Do


We are in perpetual engagement with industry leaders, corporate clients and domain experts in order to find the latest opportunities that would yield success.


We are constantly looking for opportunities, both short and long term, that will create growth and scale for startups and sustainable innovation to our portfolio.


We create rapid engagements with a rapid process that will orchestrate a quick understanding of market fit, relevance and business model.

Our Expertise

Our discovery tracks are focused on validated growth opportunities and innovative use cases that we have identified together with our clients in healthcare, retail, BFS (banking and financial services), telecom, media and technology sectors.

We are seeking to partner with companies who have already proven themselves and are ready to scale. Our primary business model is based around joint growth with startups as true partners, both internally (in UST) and towards UST’s clients. We will be looking for companies who are product ready, enterprise grade, and are sustainable financially.


We work closely with startups designing for digital health, medical device, and diagnostics to create the founders’ pitch, pilot, and partner with leading payers and providers. We focus on delivering digital health solutions, remote sensing capabilities, care plan platforms, health related supply chain platforms and advanced data analytics.


We define FinTech broadly – seeking to enhance capabilities of major banking, insurance and financial institutions to enhance their capabilities in open banking, precision insurance, lending and credit rating, wealth management and compliance technology and operations.


The next retail experience will be based on precision, customer engagement and cost reduction. We work with innovation partners on technologies that reduce the cost of OOS (Out Of Stock), increase profitability in-stores and in “Dark Stores”, consumer and inventory analytics and frictionless shopping.


The telecom and media industries are rapidly changing, and with them bring new challenges. With 5G, IoT and advanced streaming demands on the horizon by major corporations, we seek leaders and innovators ahead of the curve.


Involved and connected to major technology players worldwide, we seek to solve challenges in the fields of II4, Industrial IoT and sensors, supply chain management and industrial high-end testing infrastructure.

About Us

UST Innovation Israel, a UST initiative based in Tel Aviv, is seeking to partner with startups and innovators to enhance its technological portfolio in four major business sectors and in cross-industry enterprise software solutions.

We accurately identify and match Israeli ecosystem players with UST’s global customer network to create successful partnerships. Once these partnerships are created, UST Innovation will lead and guide these partnerships to full business and market-ready implementation.

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