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Our HealthTech program accelerates the adoption of technology, relieving pressure on healthcare services and empowering patients to manage their own wellbeing.
Our support focuses on areas specific to individual company needs and may include helping refine products to exceed market expectations by delivering digital health solutions, remote sensing capabilities, care plan platforms, supply chain platforms and advanced data analytics.

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Innovation partners are curated, coached and connected to retailers, carriers, utilities, service providers to drive rapid growth to scale.

We assist with the creation of new consumer value in an entrepreneurial ecosystem for technologies that reduce the cost of OOS (Out Of Stock), increase profitability in-stores, and in “Dark Stores”, consumer and inventory analytics and frictionless shopping.

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High potential technology companies looking to expand internationally and solve challenges in the fields of II4, Industrial IoT and sensors, supply chain management and industrial high-end testing infrastructure. Through mentorships from industry leaders, innovators have access to a pool of potential investors and advisors to network and collaborate.

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Our broad network of strategic partners solve real-world problems. With a focus on the latest fintech technologies using AI/ML, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and other “deeptech” tools, we see partners creating seamless solutions ready for market penetration. We give companies and founders the tools and knowledge they need to scale.

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